Meet with our team to discuss everything floral - from button holes and bouquets to table arrangements, aisle decorations and centerpieces. We'll work together to design your dream day. On the day, we'll deliver all florals to your venue and work with your wedding coordinator to ensure everything is looking simply beautiful.

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From birthdays to christmas parties, from baby showers to christenings we can cater for all your private and corporate events. Whether it be florals, balloons, flower walls or giant light up letters that you need we can help design and coordinate your event so that your guests are simply blown away.

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CC Flowers can provide one-off, weekly and monthy corporate contracts for beautiful florals for your business or office space. Our floral architects work with you to design signature and seasonal florals to complement your space or venue. We are also on-hand to deliver florals to your schedule and even help dress your space.